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Sken:nen A'Onsonton - To Become Peaceful Again
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Restorative Justice Forums

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Restorative justice is a theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by criminal behavior. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that include all stakeholders. Those involved in the conflict gain a better understanding of how their actions have affected others. Everyone involved has reassurance that the conflict is being taken seriously, is being dealt with in a positive manner, that the results will meet the needs of those who have been affected.

The Process

Restorative Justice ForumsIt is decided that the conflict will be resolved using a Restorative Justice Forum. Individual meetings held with those involved in the incident to share their perspective of the issues being dealt with. When appropriate, those involved are brought together for a meeting to come to an understanding and resolve the matter safely and respectfully. The resolution of the issues, and the terms of the agreement, will be distributed to those who participated to ensure complete compliance with the agreement.

The Approach

Conflict is a part of our everyday life; we experience it within our Families, Work, School, and Community. Conflict causes pain, suffering, isolation, loss, damage, and feelings of helplessness. By working together we can resolve these issues before they lead to any irreparable circumstances. As a community, how we deal with conflict helps us to define who we are as a people, a Nation, our culture, our identity, and our value systems.

Why use?

The community is strengthened and better equipped to deal with conflict situations in ways that are safe and promote healing, accountability, and healthy relationships.

For more information on Restorative Justice Forums, contact the Sken:nen A'Onsonton Coordinator on our contact page.