Sken:nen A'Onsonton - To Become Peaceful Again
Sken:nen A'Onsonton - To Become Peaceful Again
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Mediation Services

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Mediation is an alternative to the mainstream legal court process that expands our options and enhances our approach to resolving conflicting issues in a constructive manner.

There are many different situations that are appropriate for the Mediation Process, here are a few examples that include, but are not limited to:

  • Institutional Issues
  • Consumer Disputes
  • Labor-Management
  • Interpersonal Conflicts
  • Public & Institutional disputes

Mediation ProcessConflict is a part of our everyday lives; we experience it within our Families, Work, School, and Community.

Conflict causes pain, suffering, isolation, loss, damage, and feelings of helplessness.

Mediation sessions are conducted by accredited mediators, not judges or lawyers. By working together we can resolve these issues before they lead to any irreparable circumstances.

As a community, how we deal with conflict helps us to define who we are as a people, as a Nation, it is our culture, our identity, and part of our value system.

Everyone involved has reassurance that the conflicting issues are being taken seriously, are going to be dealt with in a positive manner, and that the results will satisfactorily meet the needs of the participants. Therefore it is a win-win situation for everyone.

As a result of the mediation process the community is strengthened, better equipped to deal with conflict situations in ways that are safe and promote healing, accountability, and healthy relationships.