Sken:nen A'Onsonton - To Become Peaceful Again
Sken:nen A'Onsonton - To Become Peaceful Again
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Sken:nen A'Onsonton - To Become Peaceful Again

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Sken:nen A’Onsonton (To Become Peaceful Again) provides a safe, secure, environment for community members to effectively resolve issues of conflict. Sken:nen A'Onsonton's main objective is to implement traditional restorative justice practices of resolving conflict.

Since January 2000, Sken:nen A’Onsonton has offered mediation, conflict resolution, restorative justice forums, and peace making circles to Kahnawake Mohawk community members who are experiencing situations of conflict within their lives. Through its philosophy and actions, it initiates social responsibility and harmony in Kahnawake, using the values outlined within the Great Law of Peace.

If you would like to request services or would like more information on Sken:nen A'Onsonton, please contact us and we would gladly assist you.